A battery and a light are all you are.

Try and defend yourself against the ghosts that are trying to steal your power.

As the light shines more bright, the more power you end up using. Be wise, be clever as your power will not last you long if you use it recklessly.

Gather up combos so you can defend against the monsters. If the monsters gets too near, they will eat some of your power and half of your combos.

Be wary and take care on your journey.

Good luck to you all.

How to play

1. Left click or hold to move and turn on the light.

2. Use + and - key or drag the brightness slider on top to increase or decrease your light size.

3. Protect your battery at center of screen from enemies. They will move towards it.

4. Scare the enemies or hunt them down with the light.

5. The light relies on power, make sure to pay attention to the enemies as well how often you use the light.

6. The light will quickly run out the longer it is on, be sure to make sure the light turns off to conserve power.

7. Try and beat more enemies to unlock different colours of light.

8. Compete for the highest score!

9. Goodluck and have fun!

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